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Roofing Pros are the roofing experts working on residential and commercial roofing projects. Roofing pros are trained in roof installation and roof repair. They work on different types of roofs such as low-slope roofs, steep-slope roofs, metal roofs, single-ply roofs, flat roofs, asphalt roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs, and so on. Roofing pros are experts in estimating material and labor required. They are aware of the roofing calculations and are proficient in preparing quotes.

Roofing pros are aware of different roof conditions and repairs. They are able to determine the extent of loss in emergencies such as high wind damage, hail damage, lighting strike, thunderstorms, tornadoes, or tree falling. Roofing pros can explain the conditions of a roof in its existing state and explain the repairs to be performed.

Roofing Pro

Roofing pros are aware of the hail damages and how to work accordingly. They know the damage done to the shingles during a thunderstorms and can suggest suitable repairs. They are aware of the roof degradation due to the moisture retention and decide to replace or repair a roof. While performing the roof repair, they can assess the strength of the roof and will recommend any additional modifications to be performed on the roof deck, attic, or gutters.

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Roofing pros are also management experts who can delegate and follow up on work assigned. The roofing industry works on trust and the roofing pros are working hard to gain trust in the market. Integrity and customer oriented work is a key approach for roofing pros. Roofing pros establish continuity in suppliers and contractors to ensure timely completion of a project.

Roofing pros are also experts in gathering requirements for insurance documentation. They are aware of the general building codes and insurance requirements in a given area and work accordingly. Roofing pros know how to provide evidence for queries in roofing insurance claims.


Roofing pros offer range of services including roof inspection, roof repair, roof replacement, and re-roofing. Roofing pros are also often general contractors who can fix other renovation projects you may have. Roofing pros determine the product to be installed based on the current material that is already on the house. For a new roof, material is chosen by the customer preferences, HOA rules, local weather, and city building codes.

Roofing pros inspect a roof and mark the observations as per the checklist. If insurance claims are involved, the roofing pros wait for the insurance to approve the work after submitting the documentation. Roofing pros also work with public adjuster to assess the damage and perform the repair. Roofing pros make sure that the customer is not burdened with unnecessary work and perform only the repairs that are approved by the insurance.

Roofing Professional Services

Roofing pro services also include coordinating with other contractors that are involved and work according the requirements. Roofing pros use software for damage assessments and estimations that are common in the market. Manual inspection, measurement, and estimations also are performed based on the nature of the projects.

Roofing pros are well versed with the installation techniques according to manufacturer specifications. The different components used must be in compliance with each other and also consistent with other installations.


Networking is crucial for the success of a roofing pro. They are usually part of a regional, national, or international roofing association to be aware of the market conditions. Roofing pros take inspirations and best practices from around the world such as the Pro Roofers and implement in their business. Roofing pros also network by attending training seminars, memberships, or conferences to improve the reach.

Roofing pros networking is through local channels such as sales, marketing, advertising, and so on. Partnering with other contractors help roofing pros to get more work and acquire more projects. Roofing pros also research the latest products and innovations in the roofing industry. They keep in touch with best practices in the roofing industry often practiced by Bigoroofing.

Roofing Professional Networking
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Networking lets the roofing pros leverage the contacts and improve their reach. Business improvement and management are some other key qualities of roofing pros which can be further enhanced through networking. The operations and efficiency of a roofing pro can be more effective by the use of technology and networking.

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